New Goals



I started working on a new screenplay this past weekend.

I’ve been caught up with work and everything else in life. I’m trying to refocus my goals.

One of my goals is to write and direct my first feature film. I plan on creating an outline and writing a feature this month. I’m keeping the resources I have available in mind to write something that myself and a few friends could produce.

I’ve decided to start a weekly vlog as well. I kept a daily vlog for three months and while I couldn’t go back to the time commitment of filming and editing a vlog every day, I think I can post something interesting every week.

I have a few short films that I need to complete. I’m in the process of editing them so I can post them. I’m hoping to post six shorts in the next few months. All of them have been filmed, I just need to edit them.

There’s a lot that I want to do. At times it feels difficult to find the time. By refocusing my goals, I’m hoping that I will be able to get more accomplished in the months ahead.