Saving Time

Between work, the Internet, friends, family, and all the other distractions in life it can be difficult to find writing time. When I’m working on a larger writing project like a novel or feature length screenplay I get in the habit of working on it during lunch and the first hour after I am finished with my regular job. 

I usually spend three to four weeks preparing ground work before diving into one of these projects. This includes character bios, plot outlines, and everything I do to get ready for a big project.

After laying the ground work I’m used to going to the coffee shop every night after my regular work schedule. Writing during my lunch break can help enforce the writing habit. I put at least an hour into after work writing time. If it goes well I keep going and don’t notice the clock.

Another way to get pages written is to give yourself a daily quota. Eight to ten pages of prose is usually pretty doable in a day (even with the usual interruptions).

When I’m really scrambling for time I will use my smartphone to write. I will either use the native word processing software or Evernote. Evernote has the added benefit of giving you a place for all of your notes. If I’m writing fiction Evernote makes it pretty simple to sync those notes with your laptop.
We live in a time when there are infinite time occupiers. We need to use the tools we have to our advantage to write in the cracks and consciously set aside time for what’s important.

How do you manage your time to make sure you write? I’d love to hear about your strategies to get pages done.