Have a Plan

Whether you’re writing a short story, a novel, a screenplay, or a short film script, the writing will go quicker if you have a plan. After compiling the ideas for a story, I break those ideas down into story beats. The images and ideas you have for a story will lend themselves to the beginning, the middle or the end.

Sometimes I will outline before I sit down to write. My earliest outlines would be drawings of boxes with the two characters in each scene. Each box would represent a scene. When I outline now I usually include what the characters are trying to accomplish.

Especially with longer projects, I find that planning ahead and outlining the story I’m trying to write are invaluable. Having that outline helps me solidify what is meant to happen in the story.

Given my day to day schedule I might only have the morning train ride, my lunch break, or one or two hours after my regular job to sit down and write. By having a plan I am able to sit down and get into the story quickly instead of trying to figure out what I need to write next.

Regardless of what you are trying to write, having an outline will help you find your story and get pages written.